Welcome to StuartRyan.com

Welcome to Stuart Ryan.com. I was finding that I had so many different sites on the net that I needed somewhere that consolidated all my latest work in one place.

Hence was born my new house on the internet StuartRyan.com. Please feel free to have a look below for the latest articles that I have written on my blogs and my latest tweets.

If you would like you can contact me via the link above or poke me via @StuartCRyan on Twitter.
  • Slow downloads from Apple on Telstra Mobile and Broadband Networks October 1, 2015
    Last Updated: October 3, 2015 10:00 AM (latest updates at the bottom of this article, it looks like it may now be resolved) Since shortly after the release of the iPhone 6s a number of Telstra customers have been experiencing widespread issues with downloading anything from the Apple network (including Apple Music, App Stores etc) […]
  • Australia Post Concord – Policies, Procedures and Bad Communication September 29, 2015
    When a monopoly exists with any service provider it is a cause for concern. As many of you will know the only provider of Australia wide standard postage services is none other than Australia Post (@AusPost). So, what do you get when you mix a monopoly with unusual policies and procedures as well as the […]
  • Inspire the world to learn poem #ANZTLC15 August 26, 2015
    This is a poem I have written for the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference APAC 2015. It is a creative piece on how we at the conference use our knowledge and experiences to… #InspireTheWorldToLearn We gather each and every year, With ideas we have to share. These seeds of innovation, Start to travel through the […]
  • LastPass workflow for Alfred v1.2 released August 21, 2015
    Today marks the release of v1.2 of the LastPass workflow for Alfred. The focus of this release has been to improve stability and reliability as well as to resolve some login issues people have been having. Please let me know if you have any issues (either via the official forum post, or by logging an issue […]
  • Custom Terminal Applescripts for Alfred to Fix iTerm Behaviour August 11, 2015
    I have put together some custom terminal applescripts in the last week for those that use Alfred for the Mac and iTerm. For those of you that have been finding finding issues with some of the newer versions of iTerm (including iTerm 2, and 2.9) and getting them to work reliably with Alfred, all this has […]