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Welcome to Stuart Ryan.com. I was finding that I had so many different sites on the net that I needed somewhere that consolidated all my latest work in one place.Hence was born my new house on the internet StuartRyan.com. Please feel free to have a look below for the latest articles that I have written on my blogs and further below for my latest tweets.If you would like you can contact me via the link above or poke me via @StuartCRyan on Twitter.Stuart Ryan
  • Vivid Wireless Coupon 2014 – Get your first month FREE! May 13, 2014
    Vivid Wireless has made many appearances on my blog historically and I still keep an active account so I can use my mobile hotspot when I am in the Sydney CBD. To keep this short and sweet Vivid Wireless has just updated their referral program to bring it into 2014 so the old “email address” […]
  • Shoeboxed Australia increasing prices from 1st June 2014 May 6, 2014
    Following my recent review of Shoeboxed (in which I have to admit I was amazed with the service) I have just received an email indicating that price changes are coming and on the Classic plan which is a great plan for those of you that would like to use it for personal use, this brings an ~25% increase […]
  • Could bugs like Heartbleed pose issues for biometric authentication? April 16, 2014
    Could a future bug, with similar implications to that of Heartbleed cause major concern to the future use of biometric security? Following the critical Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL, and reading countless articles online (see below for a few) an interesting conundrum came to my mind. As we now know, there are three requirements to overcome the […]
  • Shoeboxed Review – How all of my bills and receipts finally found a home April 14, 2014
    Shoeboxed may have just taken me from being 100% reactive at tax time to 100% proactive and that (in my books) is a massive win! Although it has an unusual name Shoeboxed takes all the receipts out of your “shoeboxes” and makes them accessible online. For me, I hope that this will make preparing my […]
  • Atlassian Suite Manager Introduction Video February 21, 2013
    Things have been quiet on here for some months, today I have a video explaining where I have been and what I have been upto. I have been extremely hard at work putting together a new custom installer script for the entire Atlassian Suite including Bamboo, Confluence, Crowd, Fisheye, JIRA and Stash. The goal is to enable […]
  • Snooze Alexandria… THE place to go for a new bed or Mattress March 25, 2013
    Finding a new bed can be a daunting experience, especially when there is such a large selection of mattresses these days. The biggest question that puzzles us all is “Which mattress should I buy?” and “Which mattress is right for me?”. I can say that last weekend I too was facing this conundrum and ventured […]
  • The Riebke Northern Barossa Shiraz 2011 – an amazing taste January 1, 2013
    I have never been a big drinker, ever… I can safely say I have only ever been drunk twice in my life and didn’t like it much at all. So when I *do* have a drink I like to make sure it is a good one. After recently attending a wine tasting with a workmate […]
  • Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir sing for World Aids Day 2012 December 2, 2012
    While at the Powerhouse Museum yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir sing “You make me proud” in celebration of World Aids Day 2012 (#WAD2012). It was great to see and a great song too. You can see more about it at http://outpostchoir.com The post Sydney Gay and Lesbian […]
  • Call Me Maybe? – The wonders of what people will do for 15 minutes of fame! August 12, 2012
    It is amazing what some people will do for their 15 minutes of fame… Having said that, I have to admit I really do give this guy credit so make sure you closely watch the reactions of the onlookers. So without further ado, with the compliments of @Triple5Adam from Twitter (to which I both blame […]
  • Vices in life… what is yours? August 6, 2012
    We all have our vices in life, I can definitely say my biggest vice is Diet Coke… well WAS diet coke… My caffeinated beverage of choice and the addiction to caffeine are something I know all too well. I also know that I drink far too much of the stuff and now on doctors orders, […]
  • Open Atlassian Feature Requests September 4, 2014
    Page added by Stuart Ryan https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONF-34806https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-39821  View Online