Welcome to StuartRyan.com

Welcome to Stuart Ryan.com. I was finding that I had so many different sites on the net that I needed somewhere that consolidated all my latest work in one place.

Hence was born my new house on the internet StuartRyan.com. Please feel free to have a look below for the latest articles that I have written on my blogs and my latest tweets.

If you would like you can contact me via the link above or poke me via @StuartCRyan on Twitter.
  • Custom Terminal Applescripts for Alfred to Fix iTerm Behaviour August 11, 2015
    I have put together some custom terminal applescripts in the last week for those that use Alfred for the Mac and iTerm. For those of you that have been finding finding issues with some of the newer versions of iTerm (including iTerm 2, and 2.9) and getting them to work reliably with Alfred, all this has […]
  • Default Browser workflow for Alfred August 8, 2015
    I am happy to release version 1.1 of the Default Browser workflow for Alfred. This is a workflow that I have been putting together for some time and today I have released a major update to include more browsers, improved speed and a general overhaul of awesomeness. If you have ever wanted to be able […]
  • Rapid Browser Tabs Workflow for Alfred August 4, 2015
    Some time ago while using the Search Tabs on Safari and Chrome workflow for Alfred developed by Clinton Strong, I came up with the idea to enhance the workflow to enable the addition of often used “favourites” to speed up getting access to the websites you need. After many hours of programming, many nights of testing, […]
  • Updated: Vivid Wireless Coupon 2015 – Get your first month FREE! July 10, 2015
    Vivid Wireless has made many appearances on my blog historically and I still keep an active account so I can use my mobile hotspot when I am in the Sydney CBD. So… it seems that VividWireless has changed the coupon codes that are used and there is now a new coupon  If you would like […]
  • Foxtel iQ3 – The worst piece of technology this year? May 20, 2015
    Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that we have a definite contender (and likely winner) of the 2015 Shonky Awards! When you pay a premium for cable television, it is every Australian’s right that, they get premium hardware… or that at least works… or that works on occasion… at least I now know, this was a woeful […]