Welcome to StuartRyan.com

Welcome to Stuart Ryan.com. I was finding that I had so many different sites on the net that I needed somewhere that consolidated all my latest work in one place.

Hence was born my new house on the internet StuartRyan.com. Please feel free to have a look below for the latest articles that I have written on my blogs and further below for my latest tweets.

If you would like you can contact me via the link above or poke me via @StuartCRyan on Twitter.
  • Office 2016 for Mac – A plea for add-ins functionality! March 6, 2015
    With the release today of the first preview of Office 2016 for Mac (which has been a LONG LONG time coming as you will all know), I want to put forward the following plea to Microsoft. Thus far, on brief inspection, I have not seen any indications that add-ins will be supported in the new […]
  • Push notifications on CommBank for iOS should be disabled February 12, 2015
     When a company such as a major Australian bank implements two-factor authentication poorly, I believe the issue should be made known so that others can decide how to address the concern for themselves. We all know that two-factor authentication these days is a must, it adds an extra level of safety to many online services including email, government […]
  • SpamTitan AntiSpam Appliance – It saved my inbox! February 3, 2015
    The SpamTitan anti-spam appliance has been a godsend for me over the last year. As a heavy user of all things I.T., including email, I found that more and more I was becoming inundated with constant spam filling my inbox. I had tried several hosted services to attempt to cull the spam from my life, but […]
  • Support the new Domains (gTLDs) November 23, 2014
    Some time ago I put together the website SupportTheNew.Domains. I put this together after I suffered many websites, applications and vendors not supporting the new gTLDs. Some vendors have been great in jumping on the issue quickly, while others have been slow to respond (and others have outright ignored communication). If you are using a […]
  • CVE-2014-4451 – Apple iOS bug allowing unlimited incorrect pin attempts November 18, 2014
    A bug that would allow unlimited incorrect pin attempts on any iOS device is enough to make a lot of people’s toes curl. Unfortunately that is what I found when I recently stumbled upon an iPhone lockscreen bug allowing me to do just that. On the 28th September 2014 I raised a bug with Apple which […]