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The Riebke Northern Barossa Shiraz 2011 – an amazing taste

I have never been a big drinker, ever… I can safely say I have only ever been drunk twice in my life and didn’t like it much at all. So when I *do* have a drink I like to make sure it is a good one. After recently attending a wine tasting with a workmate I purchased a case of Teusner Riebke Shiraz (2011). Out of all the wines we drunk on the night it was definitely an all round favourite (out of the four of us that went I think we ended up with three cases of the Riebke and a couple of bottles of other wines).

I got to share this with my lovely new girlfriend this year to celebrate the end of 2012 and the onset of a new year and a new me for 2013.

After being on my learner license, and two provisional licenses over the last four years I am happy that I can now enjoy the occasional drink (as NSW rules are VERY strict with ZERO blood alcohol level until you are on your full license). While I don’t plan on drinking regularly, and am very much against drinking and driving, it is nice to know that I can now safely enjoy a glass with dinner.

I can also definitely say, while I am NOOOOO connoisseur, I can tell you that if you need a good bottle of red to go with a BBQ the Tuesner Riebke Shiraz is well worth it. I don’t exactly know how to describe it but I can say it is a wonderfully full flavoured red wine and the first time I tasted it I thought, quick give me a BBQ now. 😀

While we are here, a quick Happy New Year to everyone and this year should *hopefully* see more of me blogging now that my university studies have completed and I have graduated.

If there is something you would like to see me write about, review, read, dance or otherwise please let me know.

Stuart :)