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Snooze Alexandria… THE place to go for a new bed or Mattress

snoozelogo Snooze Alexandria... THE place to go for a new bed or Mattress

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Finding a new bed can be a daunting experience, especially when there is such a large selection of mattresses these days. The biggest question that puzzles us all is “Which mattress should I buy?” and “Which mattress is right for me?”. I can say that last weekend I too was facing this conundrum and ventured out to find the solution. Before we begin I will happily admit that I went into this experience never having really selected a mattress for myself (properly) before and so I was most definitely the uneducated mattress buyer.

After having a look at a few different stores at the Homemakers Centre in Alexandria, I poked my head into Snooze Alexandria where I was met with a sea of friendly faces. After some friendly banter I went on my mission to see what they had available, and this is where Tom stepped in. Tom came over and took me from the A to Z of what I needed to know about buying a new bed, he was able to chat to me on my level and give me the details I needed as well as ensure that I got the right mattress to suit my body and comfort needs.

It is not often you get a person who provides exceptional customer service, but I have to say Tom really went above and beyond and spent as much time with me as I needed to make sure I was comfortable, had seen all the options and had all the tools to make an informed choice as to the mattress that I needed. At no point did I feel rushed and at no point did I feel unattended, Tom always seemed to be there in the background when I was ready to try the next mattress.

The age old saying goes, if you give someone a bad experience they might tell 7/10 people… I prefer to go with if you give me an amazingly exceptional experience, like Tom did, I will shout it from the rooftops till the cows come home. icon biggrin Snooze Alexandria... THE place to go for a new bed or Mattress

So if you are in Sydney and in need of a new bed, a new mattress, or both, I would have no hesitation in telling you to head over to Snooze at the Alexandria Homemakers Centre, the staff are great, the selection is great and they have some great deals available (YAY for Easter Sales).

Keep up the awesome work Tom and the rest of the team at Snooze Alexandria.


  • Scott Herdman

    I had the exact opposite experience atthe same store myself and my partner was made to feel like children and werespoken to in the most patronising manner. We were looking for a new bed but hadno plans to buy one that day as we had just started looking. We tried a fewbeds and found one that kind of OK.

    The sales assistant took the fact that we wanted her to write down the name of one of the beds for future reference as an almost cretin sale and proceed to start filling out paperwork (A4 page size pad of some type) rather than just the name as we had asked. At this point we were so uncomfortable we started to leave. The sales assistant practically yelled at as we were leaving asking what was going on and when we said don’t worry about the massive from she was filling out, she said she could go get the manager to talk about better pricing. When we declined, she made a point of tearing up the paperwork in front of us with an annoyed look.

    We vowed never to go back to that store again that it was so uncomfortable. The fact that we were treated like children and shown only some of the cheapest beds in the store was insulting and the way we were treated was disgusting! We ended up buying a bed at another store at over twice the price as the staff was far more helpful and far more polite.

    I doubt I will ever shop at snooze again