Picture of Stuart Ryan - IT Professional Sydney, AustraliaMy name is Stuart Ryan and I am an I.T. Professional currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Since completing a Bachelors in Computing Science with a Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice (UTS), I am now studying a Masters of Business in Information Technology Management to further my studies and professional skills.

If you would like you can contact me you can do so via the contact me form, or via the social media options to the left.

Stuart Ryan

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  • HelloFresh Australia (HelloFresh.com.au) coupon/discount code for $50 off your first box April 8, 2018
    So, you are thinking of trying out HelloFresh in Australia (HelloFresh.com.au), and you are wondering if there might be a discount for newbies… I can tell you that indeed there is. You can use the coupon code STUART21 to get $50 off your first box, and full disclaimer this gives me a credit towards my […]
  • Unable to Reset Printing System on MacOS High Sierra October 29, 2017
    If you are having printing system crashes on MacOS High Sierra, read on! After recently upgrading to MacOS High Sierra, I found that every time the OS loaded up a print dialogue, the application in question would crash. Google reveals the best first step for this as to Reset the Printing System as documented by […]
  • UberEats Deliveroo, HelloFresh Coupon Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) August 6, 2017
    UberEats code: ‘eats-btud5f8xue’ – $10 off your first order. Deliveroo code: ‘stuartr1362‘ – $5 off your first order. HelloFresh.com.au code: ‘STUART21‘ $50 off your first fresh food box   So you are hunting for a discount coupon or promo code for your first UberEats or Deliveroo order in Australia? I can’t blame you as coupon […]
  • Consider the risk of gift cards for your next birthday or Christmas present January 10, 2017
    After the unfortunate demises of retailers including Dick Smith Electronics, Masters, and Pumpkin Patch in Australia (to name a few), and my own shopping for Christmas gifts not a month ago, I began pondering an issue with the humble gift card. While this has been written with an Australian context in mind, the principles apply worldwide (and with a […]
  • A review of ShopMate – Australia Post’s US shipping service January 7, 2017
    We Aussies live on an island in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes that makes getting things from other countries a little tough. Just before Christmas, I wanted to buy myself a Kindle Oasis from Amazon! Normally this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, however Amazon suffered a bug where the site refused to […]